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Welcome to the Gold Refining Wiki. Despite of it's name we are dealing with refining of all the precious metals, gold, silver and the platinum group metals, platinum, palladium, rhodium, iridium, osmium and ruthenium. Some times we also include nearby topics as copper refining or indium refining.

This wiki is meant to be a compliment to the refining forum (GRF), to collect pearls of information that otherwise would be hidden among the large volume of posts. There will be a lot of topics that at a beginning is nothing more than a collection of references to the discussions on GRF. Over time the articles will be expanded as more people adds their contributions to this wiki. But even as the articles expands the references will remain so the underlying source always can be checked.

Any vandalism will be dealt with rapidly and as this is a wiki, it is easy to just revert or remove any edits made by spammers. Any spamming on this site will be charged to the company gaining of the spam at a cost of SEK 400 (400 Swedish kroner) per incident as a charge to clean up the site.

This site will always be free but there might be some ads on it to help with hosting costs or hardware costs. I will also add the possibility to make donations but I rather take help with the wiki. Registered users doesn't see the ads and it's free to register.

If you have problem creating an account, send me a PM on GRF or an email to I need the IP-address you are using to check that it isn't blocked by anti-spam filters.

This site is owned and operated by Göran Axelsson but the information within is collected from GRF, from the book "Refining Precious Metal Wastes" by Hoke and other public sources on and off the net.

Most important rule of all informal rules, have fun!

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