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Jump to: navigation, search is the best forum on the internet when it comes to refining precious metals. The forum was started by forum Administrator Jean-Nicolas Allaire (Noxx) in February 2007. Noxx was only 17 years old and still in school when he did it. Later his interest for refining led him to start his business Nikor Inc.. The daily chores of keeping the forum in shape and on topic is handled by several moderators.

The content of the discussions span from introductions for newbies to advanced chemistry.

The forum is free of charge but donations are greatly appreciated to cover the running costs.

The rules of the forum

Over the years the rules have slowly changed but basically it can be summed up in.

  • Behave! No bad language, attacking other members. Be respectful and help each other.
  • No text shortcuts. Ty, nvm, b4 and similar short messages are problematic for foreign readers to understand. If it's worth posting about take the time to write it out fully.
  • Do not edit old posts except for spelling or clarifying. Any edit that disrupts the thread making later answers out of place is not allowed and can lead to banning. When editing an old post, using another color or including a note at the end what was edited is a good thing to do.
  • Do not discuss religion or politics on the forum. Any other topic that can be disruptive for the forum is also banned. Use common sense.
  • Do not post illegal or dangerous procedures. For example, there is no need for piranha solution or fuming nitric acid in refining so that is not allowed to be discussed any more.
  • Not a rule but a good thing to do is to use the preview button when posting and check spelling and chemical formulas.
  • No alchemy! The forum is based in science and teaches known working methods. Alchemy has no place in this and discussing it can be a cause for banning.

As this wiki is a totally separate site the above rules are only guidelines for posting. The GRF has the final saying in what the rules are and the final interpretation of the rules lies with the moderators.

Guides to the forum

Over the years several guides and introductions have been written. Here are two of the best.


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