Palladium dimethylglyoxime

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Palladium dimethylglyoxime (Pd(DMG)2) is a yellow salt insoluble in water. It is formed as a precipitate when mixing palladium salts (for example palladium chloride or palladium nitrate) with dimethylglyoxime. It's chemical formula is Pd(CH3C(NOH)C(NOH)CH3)2 and contains 31% by weight of palladium.

Pd(DMG)2 can be turned back into palladium metal by calcination. It is also possible to dissolve in aqua regia to make palladium chloride which can be treated in several ways to get the metal back.

On GRF Freechemist recommended calcination followed by dissolving of the palladium metal sponge by HCl + H2O2 to avoid boil-over and forming nasty organic molecules. It also leaves the Pd in a known 2+ oxidation state.


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