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A wiki is a website built to allow many people to work together on editing articles. The article on wikipedia about wiki sites begins...


A wiki is a web application which allows collaborative modification, extension or deletion of its content and structure. In a typical wiki, text is written using a simplified markup language (known as "wiki markup") or a rich-text editor. While a wiki is a type of content management system, it differs from a blog or most other such systems in that the content is created without any defined owner or leader, and wikis have little implicit structure, allowing structure to emerge according to the needs of the users.

On the top of the page there are a number of tabs

  • page This is the normal view with the latest version of the page.
  • discussion : The Talk page related to the ordinary page. Here the article in it self are discussed, any major changes of a page is usually discussed here before the page is changed. Any questions about the content or procedure is also discussed. Older discussions are usually archived after a while if the Talk page gets too big.
  • edit : This tab exists if you have edit permissions on the page. Clicking it allows the code and text of a page to be edited. Nothing is saved until you press Save page. To check any edits before submitting it use the Preview button. It is also a great way to see how a wiki page is built up. If you see something on one page you like you could copy the code and paste it into another page, just edit the text. A great way to learn formatting like tables or other mock up language.
  • history : This shows a list on all edits of the page. By clicking on a date the version of the page created on that date is shown. It is also possible to compare the content of the page on two different times, showing what has been changed. Here you can see how an article has evolved over time.
  • move : If you have permission to rename an article, for example if you wanted to change the name of the page SMB to Sodium Meta Bisulfide then this button is used. It should be used with caution and probably be proceeded by a discussion on the talk page first.
  • watch or unwatch : Click this button if you want to keep track on a certain page. It will end up on your watch list.

Since a wiki site stores all the former versions of a page in its data base it is hard to destroy anything. You might mess things up but the old articles will still be there under the history tab and can easily be restored so don't be afraid to help out.


Wikipedia : article on wiki

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