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Hi and welcome to the introductory guide. It could be a lot better than this, but I felt it was more important to get the site up than have every part finished. Basically that's what a wiki is all about, do a small initial work for others to add to or build on the work already put in by people before you.

The Gold Refining Wiki is meant to be a compliment to the Gold Refining Forum, to be used as a repository of knowledge and references pointing back to the forum, to collect all those small tips and tricks that is spread among several threads and hidden in a comment on some long forgotten thread.

How to help

There are a number of ways to help with the wiki.

  • We need more tutorials and articles that are hosted on the wiki so we can add and improve on them.
  • We need more pictures of various equipment and procedures to illustrate the articles on the wiki.
  • We need to complete the missing articles. Look at the code of an existing article and copy the general layout and then fill it up with some initial information
  • We need to add information to all incomplete articles. Many articles only have some initial information and could use some in depth research to add to the content in the article.
  • We need to add more references to articles. Do a search on the forum for a specific topic and add references to the article.
  • We need more proof reading, especially since English isn't my first language.

Basically, if you see something that can be improved on, just do it. A wiki site is built up by a lot of small edits and it is always possible to take a step backwards as all versions of a page is stored in a database. Under the history tab you can see how a page have evolved over time and compare different versions.


This site have the potential to become a central point of information on metal refining, not only precious metal refining. The borders of precious metal refining is a bit fuzzy, for example precious metals are a by product of copper refining or many electronic scrapper also recover tantalum and other base metals. Articles covering other metals than precious metals will be allowed and even encouraged. There is a lot of chemistry to be learned from base metal chemistry and it can bring in new ideas and methods into precious metal refining. It is also good to know more about how base metals behaves in order to be able to remove them and create a purer product in the end.

Advertising on the site

This is a topic that people often have strong feelings about. I want to keep this site as clean of it as possible, but there is a cost of running a site like this. To offset that cost and possible build up funds for future upgrades of the hardware and hosting I've decided to add advertising to this site but to keep it on a low level. It's always easier to remove the ads if the site would be self sustaining in the future than add it if the economy demands it.

--Gandalf 03:10, 30 December 2014 (UTC)

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