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Glycine, C2H5NO2, is an amino acid that is used for leaching gold, silver and copper. It is a relatively new development and new research data is still published.

Glycine is most aggressive against copper so scrap with exposed copper is problematic to run.

Molar mass 75.07 g/mol.

Leach conditions

The leach needs an oxidizer and works best at elevated pH and temperature. In their paper "The leaching of gold, silver and their alloys in alkaline glycine-peroxide solutions and their adsorption on carbon" by E.A. Oraby and J.J. Eksteen, they examined leach rates at pH 5.8 - 11, 23-60 °C with a leach consisting of 0.5 M (38 g/l) glycine and 1% hydrogen peroxide.



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