Copper(I) chloride

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White copper(I) chloride with saturated solution in hydrochloric acid. Small flakes of gold plate mixed in.

Copper(I) chloride (CuCl) is copper chloride with the copper ion in oxidation stage 1+. The other copper chloride salt is copper(II) chloride.

Copper chloride is the central chemical in the copper chloride process of leaching base metals. CuCl is produced when copper is dissolved by CuCl2 + Cu => 2CuClCAS number : 7758-89-6

Physical properties

Molecular weight : 98.999 g/mol
Melting point : 423 °C (793 °F)
Boiling point : 1,490 °C (2,710 °F) (decomposes)
Density : 4.14 g/cm3

Solubility of copper(I) chloride

Copper(I) chloride is sparingly soluble in pure water (0.047 g/liter at 20 °C) but very soluble in hydrochloric acid or sodium chloride solution.

Similar to silver chloride, with higher concentrations of chloride solutions there are a number of different chloride complexes formed that have higher solubility.

6M hydrochloric acid can dissolve 156 g/liter at 20 °C and 285 g/liter at 100 °C.

6M sodium chloride solution can dissolve 193 g/liter at 20 °C and 401 g/liter at 100 °C.

Other chlorides, for example CuCl2, FeCl2 or NH4Cl also increases the solubility of copper(I) chloride.


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