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One source of gold from a jewellery shop is the Carpet, if it is placed in the fabrication section of the shop it could accumulate quite a lot of values.

Outline of process

This outline is based on Harold's description in the first reference. Read the post as this is just a short description without the many details he mentioned.

  • First take a sample and test if there is any values in the carpet.
  • Incinerate the carpet down to ash. No carbon should be left.
  • Screen the ash, removing larger pieces of gold and metal.
  • Use a magnet to remove iron filings, these goes to the stock pot for recovery of smaller amounts of precious metals.
  • Put the ash in a large beaker
  • Add diluted hydrocloric acid to the ash, slowly as it will react strongly. Keep cool water close to dilute and cool down if there is a risk of boilover.
  • Let the solids settle and siphon out the liquid. Repeat the above step until there is no more reactions.
  • Use the preferred method for dissolving the values, for example aqua regia, and recover the values.


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