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Bromine (Br) is the third of the halogen elements. It is a brown fuming red-brown liquid at room temperature (Br2). It has several usages in refining, from leaching gold to platinum refining.

CAS number : 7726-95-6


Physical properties

Atomic weight : 79.904 g/mol
Melting point : −7.2 °C (​19 °F)
Boiling point : 58.8 °C (137.8 °F)
Density : 3.1028 g/cm3

Bromate hydrolysis

(Main article : Bromate hydrolysis)

Bromine is a key chemical to separate platinum from iridium and rhodium. It is produced in the reaction and boiled off. It can be recycled and turned into sodium bromide and sodium bromate again.


Bromine can be hard to source for the home refiner so making it from sodium bromide is common. There are two ways of accomplish this.


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