Barium titanate

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Barium titanate, BaTiO3 is a ceramic used in MLCC:s between the metal plates.

Barium titanate is insoluble in water, slightly soluble in dilute mineral acids and dissolved by strong hydrofluoric acid.

In a procedure to determine Ba and Ti content in a sample, 0.5g of barium titanate was dissolved by heating it in 15 ml of concentrated HCl.

Physical properties

  • Melting point : 1625-1654° C
  • Density : 5.95 - 6.08 g/cm3


Barium titanate is mostly inert, but a dust mask should be used whenever dust is produced, for example when crushing MLCC:s. Some MSDS holds barium titanate as toxic for digestion at LD50= 12g/kg, but that's a massive amount and not likely to happen.

When dissolved in hydrochloric acid the result could form toxic barium chloride that is a lot more toxic.


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