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Barium chloride, BaCl2, (CAS Number 10361-37-2 (anhydrous) 10326-27-9 (dihydrate)) is a toxic, water soluble salt that is frequently used for the analysis of sulfate. Barium sulfate is an insoluble compound finding use in analytical procedures, as a support for poisoned Pd catalysts, and also (due to its insolubility and low bioavailability), as a contrast agent in medical imaging applications.

Barium chloride isn't a common chemical to run into for a refiner but it can be made when MLCC:s are treated in hydrochloric acid.

There were a method developed by the Bureau of Mines to melt copper out of electric motor windings by submerging them in a bath of molten calcium chloride or barium chloride.

Barium chloride in the waste stream

Barium is one of the RCRA 8 metals so if it is in the waste stream it can inflict higher costs for treatment.

The EPA Limits for barium both in water and solid waste is 100 ppm (mg/l)

Adding a bit of a soluble sulfate salt or sulfuric acid will precipitate any barium chloride in solution from a waste solution.


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